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Best Time to Visit Cape Town

Decide when you'd like to visit Cape Town by checking these seasonal weather details:


In Cape Town, the average temperature ranges from 12 °C (53.5 °F) in July to 21 °C (70 °F) in January and February. The summer temperatures are not excessively high because of the influence of the ocean, though sometimes a hot and dry wind called Berg, able to raise the temperature to around 35 °C (95 °F), blows from the mountains. On the contrary, a strong southern breeze called Cape Doctor often blows in summer, cooling and cleaning the air.



In Cape Town, 505 millimeters (20 inches) of rain fall per year, with a maximum in late autumn and winter, from May to August. Here is the average precipitation.  


Featured Cape Town Hotels

Protea Hotel by Marriott Cape Town Sea Point

Protea Hotel by Marriott Cape Town Sea Point

Corner Of Arthur's Road & Main Road

7.0 Pleasant View Deal
Hippo Pod Hotel

Hippo Pod Hotel

Thibault House St Georges Mall

6.3 Average View Deal
POD Camps Bay

POD Camps Bay

3 Argyle Street

9.6 Exceptional View Deal
The Marly

The Marly

201 The Promenade Camps Bay

9.2 Superb View Deal
The Heron

The Heron

G1 Valhalla Victoria Road

9.7 Exceptional View Deal
Bliss Boutique Hotel

Bliss Boutique Hotel

25 Albus Drive Sunset Beach

9.3 Superb View Deal

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